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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Valentine Week List 2019 Dates Days Timetable Calendar Schedule

Oh yes, it's 14th February, Valentine's day. A day or we can say day for lovers. Valentine does not mean they would be only a boyfriend or a girlfriend but the person who is more important than any other one in your life is your Valentine for someone it can be his/her father, his/or brother or sister and for someone, Valentine can be his/her best friend. From 7th Feb, Valentine Week 2019 starts, here you can find Valentine Week list 2019. So just keep remembering this valentine day list.

Valentine Week List 2019 Day Dates Schedule Timetable Calendar

Valentine’s Week Days Date 20197 Days of Valentine Week
7th Feb 2019 (Thursday)🌹 Rose Day (1st Day of Valentine)
8th Feb 2019 (Friday)💘 Propose Day (2nd Day of Valentine)
9th Feb 2019 (Saturday)🍫 Chocolate Day (3rd Day of Valentine)
10th Feb 2019 (Sunday)🐻  Teddy Day (4th Day of Valentine)
11th Feb 2019 (Monday)💌 Promise Day (5th Day of Valentine)
12th Feb 2019 (Tuesday)💑 Hug Day (6th Day of Valentine)
13th Feb 2019 (Wednesday)💋 Kiss Day (7th Day of Valentine)
14th Feb 2019 (Thursday)💕 Valentine’s Day (V-day)
Valentine Week List Images

Let’s Discuss this Valentines Days in Details.

Rose Day 2019

Happy Rose Day
The first day of this Valentine week starts with Rose day 2019. As I have seen, there are some specific colors chosen for particular persons as per their importance. Like it will be a red colored, or a pink colored rose for whom we love means our life partner, there is a white colored rose for an only best friend which plays an important role. On this day transfer of roses are made.

Propose Day 2019

Happy Propose Day

Propose the girl or boy whom you love just say him/her I love you. It does n't matter that whether he/she will accept or reject by the way it is the proposed day 8th Feb. On this day no one can slap you so just say your feelings to someone who is the heart of your life or breath of your life.

Chocolate Day 2019

Happy Chocolate Day
If you have missed the chance of expressing your feelings to your loved one, then the second chance just give them a pack of rich chocolate or chocolate cake, with his/her particular name on 9th and say you are part of my life in dreams would you be in real my dream girl/boy? After all, no one doesn't like chocolates.

Teddy Day 2019

Happy Teddy Day
Teddy day totally unbeatable day for girls as not a single girl who doesn't like to have a big teddy or small teddy with her. So boys make sure if you like or love someone than just make something special on Teddy day with a teddy bear. Remember the date please don't forget its 10th February the day on which you can have which you dreamt off. I think that a promise is a sweet gift from your loved one, whom you love that he/she will never let you alone whenever there is any problem or contingencies occurs in your life, then I will always be there in front of you. Don't worry if you forgot the date I am telling you it's 11th guys.

Promise Day 2019

Happy Promise Day
Promise day is the 5th day of valentine week. This day is celebrated each and every person on this day the promise to each other that any thing they wanna keep for a life time. Promise day is just way to promise your partner that they wanna keep and prove it right.

Hug Day 2019

Happy Hug Day
A hug more than 30seconds creates trust and positivity in that person whom you hold in your arms. So on 12th February, we celebrate Hug day. Which shows whom you love and care, will help you in creating trust and belief for you so for what you are waiting? Just go ahead and give a tight hug.

Kiss Day 2019

Happy Kiss Day
The day only for the life partner starts from actually today and its 13th, the kiss day. The kiss more than eight seconds transfers the bacterias and viruses which eliminate all the diseases. Of course, it is for the person whom you love so very much, then why should you think? Just run and kiss him/her without hesitation because of course, he/she is only yours beloved ones.

Valentine Day 2019

Happy Valentines Day
And a day of love, truth, honesty, beliefs and expression of your love is Valentine's day, a day of which one says frankly that how much he/she loves. I told my life partner in a different way by giving him a surprise with candle light dinner and music of love and lot many other things. So I will not mind if you use my idea for your life partner. So just celebrate the day of love, and only love.

Last but not least Valentines Day falls on February 14th. Here is finished Valentine Date Sheet of 2019 including after valentine week list 2019.

Valentine Week list of 2019 Love Valentine's Days Complete Date Sheet of February

First Day of Valentine Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2019
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Thursday 8th February 2019
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Friday 9th February 2019
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 10th February 2019
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Sunday 11th February 2019
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Monday 12th February 2019
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Tuesday 13th February 2019
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Wednesday 14th February 2019
Ninth Day of Valentine Slap Day Thursday 15th February 2019
Tenth Day of Valentine Kick Day Friday 16th February 2019
Eleventh Day of Valentine Perfume Day Saturday 17th February 2019
Twelfth Day of Valentine Flirting Day Sunday 18th February 2019
Thirteenth Day of Valentine Confession Day Monday 19th February 2019
Fourteenth Day of Valentine Missing Day Tuesday 20th February 2019
Fifteenth Day of Valentine Break Up Day Wednesday 21th February 2019

Valentine Week List 2019 Dates Days Timetable Calendar Schedule
Well, what are you waiting for? Just bookmark this page or remember the dates, just plan your Valentine to impress loved once and make them happy. Hope your Valentine week 2019 will go full of love.

Every day of Valentine week list brings its particular importance and worth. For instance, on Rose day you can express your affection with a Red Rose, you can Gift your adorable teddy on Teddy Day. You can celebrate by proposing your crush on Propose day else you can make the guarantee on Promise Day that you will never leave him/her. You can hold loved once in your arms and feel them be protected on Hug Day. Give her a box full of Chocolates, and her heart will be melt like chocolates for you, this is the best and easiest way to impress a girl on Chocolate Day.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teddy Day 2019 Status, SMS, Quotes, Messages Teddy Bear Day

Nowadays teddy bears are the best choice as gift amongs young youth, and the main reason behind that is, teddy bear gives the feelings that the person whom you love are near to you. Especially girls they love the teddy bear which contains love quotes or include heart symbol. Usually, girls love to hug teddy because it were so cuddly, and gave a warm feeling. One tip to the boys, please give big teddy because it gives immense happiness to your loved one.

When is Teddy Day 2019 (Date)?
Saturday, February 10th, 2019.
Teddy Day 2019

Teddy Day 2019 Status, SMS, Quotes, Messages:

Taking after is a combination of a portion of the finest teddy day messages you could send to your cherished ones as SMS about Teddy Day. So this can celebrate in online networking for the individuals who needs to spare cash and bucks, now you must thinking how the damnation we can save money frame this day. It is exceptionally straightforward; you can without much of a stretch send a content SMS, WhatsApp messages in which a teddy bear is made with specks, slices, and commas. Perceive how basic it is and from that cash which you have spared you can go for a motion picture or some open air to have some fun and emotional time spending.

Valentine Day List

Love me Love my Teddy BearKiss me Kiss me my Teddy BearHug me Hug me my Teddy BearHappy Teddy Bear Day

    Hi ()""()
I just (("-"))
blew ( )""( )
a special kiss 4 u

     ( )
("( '-' )")
  ( (,,) )

Catch it you
Might miss it
Teddy Bear Day

You're In My Thoughts And In My Heart

Wherever I May Go

On Teddy Bear Day I'd Like To Say

I Care More Than You Know

What I Need To Live Has Been Given To Me

By The Earth..

Why I Need To Live Has Been Given To Me

By You My Teddy Bear !!!

Happy Teddy Bear Day..

To My Cutest Cuddly Love,

Who Is Certainly My Life,

This Teddy Bear Is A Sign,

That You Will Be Forever Mine.

happy teddy bear day.

I wish I were a cell in your blood,

so I would be sure I was

somewhere in your heart.

Happy Teddy Bear Day

You’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart,

Wherever I May Go,

On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like To Say,

I Care More Than You Know.

To My Cutest Cuddly Love,

Who Is Certainly My Life,

This Teddy Bear Is A Sign,

That You Will Be Forever Mine.

happy teddy bear day.

Whenevr u c LOVE coming, WELCOME it,

open ur Arms,Embrace it & let it ENTER into U!

People will ask UR U in LOVE?

jst say-no,LOVE is in me!

Happy Teddy Bear day

U'll alwys b mine 4 now n 4ever.

U'll alwys b mine 4 ur my treasure.

U'll always b mine pls tel me its true.

Pls b mine 4everi'll always luv u...!

Happy Teddy Bear Day

"You are in My Thoughts" Heart

Wherever I May Go

On this Teddy Day I’d Like to Say

I Care More Than You Know

Best Teddy Day wishes to U…

 On Teddy Bear Day,

We Think Of People

Who Have Cheered And Encouraged Us,

Who Go Out Of Their Way To Be Kind And Caring,

Who Have Enriched Our Lives Just By Being Themselves.

You Are Such A Person.

I’m So Happy You’re My Love

Happy Teddy day

 Whenevr u c LOVE coming, WELCOME it,

open ur Arms,Embrace it & let it ENTER into U!

People will ask UR U in LOVE?

jst say-no,LOVE is in me!

Happy Teddy Bear day

 In our childhood, teddy bears are warm

companions – good listeners, never critical,

always reassuring. They are bear-shaped security

blankets, huggable enough to fold in

our arms, a perfect fit for our laps.

Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound

Wen EYES’S cud SPEAK volumes

Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE

then why do v need words 2 say


Happy Teddy Bear Day’

 To my cutest cuddly wife

Who is certainly my life

This teddy bear is a sign

That u will be forever mine.

Happy Teddy Day

 Dost Aapse jab hmari yari ho gai

Duniya hmari aur b pyari ho gai,

Is-se pehley ksi b cheez ki aadattt naa thi

pr ab aap ko yad krne ki beemari si ho gai

O Vi daaktraan keya Laa-ilaaj hai.

Happy Teddy Day My True Friend.

 Chocolate ki khushbu

Icecream ki mithas

Pyar ki masti

Or hothon ka swad

Hasi k gubbare

Or tumhara sath

Mubarak ho aapko

Teddy Day kaa tyohaar

!Happy Teddy Day!

 Tum haste raho.

nachte raho,

muskurate raho,

sada khil khilate raho,

khush raho aur gungunate raho

Teddy Day Mubaarak Ho

!!Happy Teddy Day!!

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Chocolate Day SMS Images Quotes Wishes 2019

Chocolate day is celebrated by giving chocolate to the boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, relatives. On this day they give chocolate to their Valentine or friends. All age people celebrate this day. It scenes lilac express their sweetness of relationship from the chocolate or love.

Every relationship starts with some sweet things if you think about sweet item then chocolate is the first and best choice worldwide. All the lovers and especially boys very well know that the girls love Chocolates most, and they used chocolate as bribe and guys it is a lovely bribe. On this day you can give the chocolates to the person whom you love most, especially the chocolates which come in heart shape or shape which express love.

When is Chocolate Day 2019 (Date)?
Friday, February 9th, 2019.

Chocolate Day SMS 2019 :-

Chocolate Day 2019 Date

Valentine Week 2019

Chocolate Day 2019 SMS

Today is chocolate day
Below is some dedicated chocolate for some best relations.
Dairymilk for love
Kitkat for special
Bounty for cool
Mars for best friend
Sonat for cute
Galaxy for stylish
What will you give me?

For A Dairy Milk Person,
From A Five Star Friend,
For A Melody Reason,
And A Kitkat Time,
On A Munch Day,
In A Perk Mood To Say,

Happy Chocolate Day 2019 Quotes Wishes

There’s Nothing Better Than A Good Friend, Except A Good Friend With Chocolate.
Happy Chocolate Day!

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Only In The Beginning!
But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Till It Ends!

KITKAT: Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time.
PERK: Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss.
MUNCH: Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug!
I give you all My Love happy chochlate day

There is something about you
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you smile and
The way you looks at me
makes me crazy every time.

Sweet sweet Chocolate 4 mY sweetest beloves.....



This is a chocolate message,
For a dairy milk person,
From a five star friend,
For a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood to say,
Happy Chocolate Day.

Lovely chocolate and Lovely you
& Lovely are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is Me and Other is You!
Happy chocolate day

Life Is Like A Chocolate Box,
Each Chocolate Is Like A Portion Of Life,
Some Are Crunchy,
Some Are Nutty, 
Some Are Soft,
But All Are Delicious.
Happy Chocolate Day

1. According to the valentine week myth,
February 9 is called the Chocolate Day.
If you believe in the week-long 
Valentine’s celebration,
Feb 9 is the day to gift 
a box full of chocolates to your sweetheart

There is something about you
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you smile and
The way you looks at me
makes me crazy every time.
Happy chochlate day 2019

Maths Teacher To A Dull Boy,
If U Have 12 Chocolate 
In Chocolate Day
U Give 5 To Leena,
3 To Tina,
4 To Meena
Then What Will U Get?
3 Girl Friends,
Happy Chocolate Day

Mithaas bhari hui harr aur hai,
Lage hai jaise khoobsurat sama pur-zor hai,
Dhoonda toh paya aapki hai ye mithaas
Jo aaj ki din ek chocalate ki tarahaN…
meethi aur Chaayi harr aor hai, har aor hai..
Chocalate ka meetha din Mubarak ho !

Ek Sheikh Nay Chocalate Ki Dukan Kholi.
Dukan Ke Bahar Ishtahar Lagaya.
“ek Adad Mulazim Ki Zaroorat Hay,
Jo Sugar Ka Mareez Ho!”
Chocalate Din Mubarak Ho
Happy Chocolate Day

Tera Yeh Meetha Sa Pyar,
Laya Hai Mere Jeevan Me Bahar
Is Pyar Ki Mithas Hai Ek Waar,
Chocolate Day Pe Mai Karta Hu
Pyaar Ka Izhaar..
Chocolate SMS 
Happy Chocolate Day

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Propose Day 2019 SMS, New Messages Wishes & Greetings

Are you searching for Romantic Propose Day SMS? On the Propose Day, you can propose to the girl/boy that you have a crush. Are you seriously dedicated or not? Propose Day is the second day of very romantic Valentines Week and falls on 8 February in Valentines Week. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then Propose Day is the perfect day that you can share your emotions with someone, you like. If you are waiting for the ages to express your love towards that beautiful girl in your college, a girl next door or even a charming lady in your office with whom you have a crush for quite a long time and never had the guts to say, this is the right day to express your feelings. Propose Day is considered to be one of the best times to propose to your partner. If you are in love and needs to get attracted to him or her then propose day is the best way to give her or him your decision to choose.

When is Propose Day 2019 (Date)?
Thursday, February 8th, 2019.

Propose Day 2019

Propose Day SMS 2019

We’ve Known Each Other, For A
Long Time, But I Never
Really Noticed, All The Magic
In Your Eyes, I’ve Been Around
You, A Thousand Times Before,
And You’ve Always Been A Friend
To Me, But Now I’m Wanting More
Think About It Happy Propose Day

The First Time I Saw You, I
Noticed My Heart Beat Faster
& the Situation Is Same
For Now Maybe I’m In Love
With You Happy Propose Day.

Grow Old Along With Me;
The Best Is Yet To Be.
Will You Spend The Rest
Of Your Life With Me?
Happy Propose Day Love.

My Eyes Are Eager To See You,
My Ears Are Eager To Listen You,
My Lips Are Eager To Kiss You,
& My Dreams In Night Are Eager
To Welcome You Happy Propose Day.

Propose Day Wishes

With Every Beat Of My Heart, I
Will Love You More And More,
After Years Of Togetherness This
Is My Solemn Vow For You, My Love!
Happy Propose Day Sweet Heart.

I’m In a Imbalance State of Mind
What to Give You Because There
Is Nothing More Beautiful &
Sweeter than You. Wish You
A Happy Propose Day My Love.

Word Have Not Enough Strength
To Express My Love Towards
You. My Eyes Are Enough To Express
It! Happy Propose Day Dear!

Happy Propose Day English, hindi sms
The Minute I Heard My First Love
Story, I Started Looking For
You, Not Knowing How Blind That
Was. Lovers Don’t Finally Meet
Somewhere. They’re In Each Other
All Along. Happy Propose Day.

I Think About You All The Time
Will You Be Mine Forever?
I Must Say I Adore You I Can
Not Live My Life Without You.
It Would Be Long &
Dreary. Happy Propose Day.

Propose Day 2019 Wishes
To Baat Kon Karega Chup rhoge to baat kon karega, Ham na hoge to yaad kon karega, Mana ke ham itne sweet nahi jo apko pal pal yaad aye, Par hum na rahe to aapko purpose

Pyaar Mein Jhalakta Jaam Ho Tum
Fiza Mein Mehakti Shaam Ho Tum,
Pyaar Mein Jhalakta Jaam Ho Tum,
Sine Mein Chupaye Phirte Hain Hum Yaadein Tumhari
Isliye Meri Zindagi Ka Dusra Naam Ho Tum….

Milta nahi hai pyaar aasani se zindagi me
Milta nahi hai pyaar aasani se zindagi me, Mera nasib bhi kabhi khola tha khuda ne, Par ab to dil mein Patjhad hi hain, Fir bhi aisa lagta hai ki tum aaye tha zindagi me bahar banke…

Banker tera saya tera sath nibhaunga, Tu jha jha jayegi mein wha wha aaunga, Saya to chod jata hai sath andhere mein lakin mein andhere mein tera ujala ban jaunga….

Tanhaion me unko hi yaad karte hain, Wo salamt rahe yahi fariyad karte hai, Ham unke hi mohabbt ka intzar karte hai, Unko kya pata hum unse kitna pyaar karte hai

Unhe chahana hamari kamzori hai Unhe chahana hamari kamzori hai,
Unse keh nahi pana hamari majburi hai,
Wo kyun nahi samajhte hamari khamoshi ko,
Kya pyaar ka izhaar karna zaruri hai…….

Mujhe Tum Ache Lagte Ho Mujhe Tum Ache Lagte Ho
Khud Apne Dil Ki Dharkan Se
Tumhari Guftugo Karnaa
Mujhe Acha Lagta Hai

Naam Kya Du Main Apni Deewangi Ko, Bechaini Dil Ki Tadfaane Lagi Hai. Iss Rawaangee Se Main Kya Kahoon Jo Har Pal Tumhe Yaad Krne Lagi Hai!!!

Banker tera saya tera sath nibhaunga,
Tu jha jha jayegi mein wha wha aaunga,
Saya to chod jata hai sath andhere mein
lakin mein andhere mein tera ujala ban jaunga….

Hasna rona to khel hai jamane ka, Pyar to rishta hai nibhane ka, Hoti hogi dusre rishto mein jarurat, Per pyar mohtaz nahi bahane ka……

Rab se aap ki khushi maangte hain, duaon mein aapki hasi maangte hain, sochte hai aapse kya maange, chalo aap se umar bhar ki mohabbat maangte hain…

Gham Mein Hasne Walon Ko Rulaya Nahi Jata,
Lehron Se Pani Ko Hataya Nahi Jata,
Honay Wale Ho Jate Hain Khud He
Apne Kisi Ko Keh Kar Apna Banaya Nahi Jata…

Best Propose Day Hindi SMS

Dil, Dil Sey, Mushkil Badi Sey Miltey Hain, Majhdhaar Mein Sahil Mushqil, Badi Sey Milte Hain.Haseenayein Bohat Hain. Gaal Gulaabi Waali Lekin Gulaabi Gaal Pe Pyare Til Badi Mushqil Sey Miltey Hain!!!

Jis Tarah Ragon Mai Khoon Rahta Hai,
Is Tarah Teri Chahat Ka Junoon Rehta Hai,
Zindagi Ki Har Kushi Mansoob Hai Tum Se,
Baat Ho Tum Se Tou Dil Ko Sukoon Rehta Hai…

Shikava hame manjur nahi na koi bahana hoga , hamari khushio ki kasam aap ko aana hoga!

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Hindi Rose Day SMS, Latest Romantic Messages, Shayari, Rose Day Date

Hi everyone, I wish you happy rose day 2019. Rose day is celebrated on 7th Feb, every year and had a great significance. It is celebrated by lover in all over the world. Rose are normally given to the person who you want to be a friendship for the purpose, for best wishes.

Offering a red rose on this day is the way to express the deep & heart feeling to the loved one. Without saying any words.
  • Red rose for deep love
  • Yellow rose for friendship
  • Pink rose for the sweetness
  • Orange rose for the passions
  • White rose for the purity
  • Lavender rose for the love at first sight

Now pick up the one rose you want and express your feeling.

Rose Day SMS In Hindi 2019, Latest Romantic Messages, Shayari:

When is Rose Day 2019 (Date)?
Wednesday, February 7th, 2019.

Hindi Rose Day SMS 2019

Phool bankar muskarana zindagi,
Muskara ke gum bhulana zindagi,
Jeet kar koi khush ho to kya hua,
Haar kar khushiya manana bhi zindagi..

Aaj Rose Day Hai,
Socha K Tumhe Ek Gulab Bhejun
Kaise Kahun Ki Teri Ahmiyat Meri Zindagi,
Tuh Jaise Mera Ek Jeeta Sa Khwaab Hai,
Teri Awaaz, Teri Her Baat Aur Tera Pehlu,
Kya Kahun
Itnaa Khoobsurat Ki Jaise Ek Gulaab Hai.!
Ab Gulaab Ko Kaise Main Gulab Bhejun ?

Tumhe kuch kehna chaha lekin tum ne kuch pucha hi nhi. Tumhe kuch batana chaha lekin tum ne kuch suna hi nhi.Tumhe nazre utha kar dekha lekin tum ne dekha hi nhi.Tum meri zindagi me aye lekin tumhe pata hi nhiTumhe kuch dena chaha lekin tum ne kuch manga hi nhi.Tumhe rokna chaha lekin tum ne mudd ke dekha hi nhiTum se maine mohabbat ki lekin sab kuch samjh kar bhiTum ne kuch samjha hi nhi HAPPY ROSE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohabbat lafzon ki mohtaaz nahi hoti!
Jab tanhai me aapki yaad aati hai,
Hontho pe ek hi fariyad aati hai…
Khuda aapko har khushi de,
Kyonki aaj bhi hamari har khushi aapke baad aati hai..

Rose Day K Is Shub Aphsar Pe
Meri Tarf Se Apko Dhair Sari Shubkamnain
Happy Rose DaY

Pyaar ke samandur me sab doobna chahte hai,
Pyaar me kuch khote hai to kuch pate hai,
Pyaar to ek gulaab hai jise sab todna chahte hai,
Hum to is gulaab ko choomna chahte hai..
Happy Rose Day

Sham ki tanhai me "doob" na jana.Kisi ki "dosti" me humse ruth na jana.Dua karte hai "aapko" aapki manzil mile,Par us manzil ko pakar "hame" bhul na jana....Happy rose day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phool Khilte Rahein Zindgi Ki Raah Mein
Hassi Chamakti Rahe Aapki Nigaah Mein
Kadam Kadam Par Mile Khushi Ki Bhaar Aapko
Dil Deta Hai Yehi Dua Baar Baar Aapko
Happy Rose Day…

Honth Keh Nahi Sakte Jo Fasana Dil Ka,
Shayad Nazar Se Woh Baat Ho Jaye.
Is Umeed Mein Karte Hain Intezaar Raat Ka,
Ke Shayad Sapne Mein Mulaqat Ho Jaye

Dosti ka rishta anokha hai naa Gulaab sa hai na kanto sa,
Dosti ka rishata to us Daali ki tarah hai jo Gulaab aur kante
Dono ko ek sath jode rakhta he aakhri dum tak…….Happy Rose Day..

Kaash! kisi udas mousam me,meri ankhon pe wo hath rakh dy apna..aur hastey howe keh de,boojho lo tu hum tmhary na boojho tu tum hamary kasshh Happy rose Day 2019

Chala jaa re SMS ban ke Gulaab,
Hogi sachi dosti to aayega javab,
Agar naa aaye to mat hona udaas,
Bas samajh lena ki mere liye waqt nahi tha unke paas.
Happy Rose Day..

Teri Chahat Ke Ik Ik Pal,Mere Lahoo Mein Utartey Rahe.Sansoon Ne Ro Ro Ke Mangi Hai Rab Se Dua,Mar Ke Be Tum Pe Martey Rahe.Sanoon Ne Sansoon Par Likh Di Jo Dastan,Hum Wo Dastaan Apni Rooh Se Kehtey Rahe
Happy rose day

Aaj Rose Day Hai,
Socha K Tumhe Ek Gulab Bhejun
Kaise Kahun Ki Teri Ahmiyat Meri Zindagi,
Tuh Jaise Mera Ek Jeeta Sa Khwaab Hai,
Teri Awaaz, Teri Her Baat Aur Tera Pehlu,
Kya Kahun
Itnaa Khoobsurat Ki Jaise Ek Gulaab Hai.!
Ab Gulaab Ko Kaise Main Gulab Bhejun ?

Meri deevangi ki koyi hadh nahi,
Teri surat k siwa muje kuch yaad nahi
Main GULAB hoon tere gulshan ka,
Tere siwaye mujh pe kisi ka haq nahi

pooche har koi gulab se 
kya mila tumhe kaanton se 
bana main phoolon ka raja 
kisi dulhan ka sahera 
kahe gulab khushi se 
pooche har koi humse 
kya mila tumhe bewafa pyar se 
aashique kahalaye lakhoon mein 
har ik ki tassalyee payi humne 
wafa humne apni nihbhaee 
kahe"faizan's" jamane se'

Tumhe kuch kehna chaha lekin tumne kuch pucha hi nahi
Tumhe kuch batana chaha lekin tumne kuch suna hi nahi
Tumhe nazre utha kar dekha lekin tumne dekha hi nahi
Tum meri zindagi me aaye lekin tumhe pata hi nahi
Tumhe kuch dena chaha lekin tumne kuch manga hi nahi
Tumhe rokna chaha lekin tumne mudd ke dekha hi nahi
Tumse mene mohabbat ki lekin sab kuch samjhkar bhi 
Tumne kuch samjha hi nahi 
Happy Rose Day –;–;<-<@ My Dear Love

Apke Hotho Par Sada Khilta Gulab Rahe,
Khuda Na Kare Aap Kabhi Udas Rahe,
Hum Apke Pas Chahe Rahe Na Rahe,
Aap Jinhe Chahe Woh Sada Apke Pas Rahe.
happy rose day

Honth Keh Nahi Sakte Jo Fasana Dil Ka,
Shayad Nazar Se Woh Baat Ho Jaye.
Is Umeed Mein Karte Hain Intezaar Raat Ka,
Ke Shayad Sapne Mein Mulaqat Ho Jaye

Pyaar ke samandur me sab doobna chahte hain
Pyaar mein kuch khote hain toh kuch pate hain
Pyaar to ek gulaab hai jise sab todna chahte hai
Hum toh ess gulaab ko choomna chahte hain

Phool bankar muskarana zindagi, 
muskarake gum bhulana zindagi, 
jeet kar koi khush ho to kya hua, 
haar kar khushiya manana bhi zindagi.. 

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